The Sort feature of Access 2007 allows you to reorder a list of data in your table. This can be done alphabetically or numerically, in ascending or descending order. It is a useful feature when you want to sort your records into, say, surname order, or maybe in age order, for example.

To sort your records into surname order, click any cell in the surname column of your table. This tells Access that your records are going to be sorted by this particular field. Next, look for the AZ Icon in the Sort & Filter group of the Home Ribbon. To sort in ascending order, click the AZ Icon, or to sort in descending order, click the ZA Icon below. To remove the sort and get your original list back in its original order, click the Clear All Sorts Icon, which is the lowest Icon of the three.

Sorted Access List

Sorted into alphabetical order by the surname field.

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