Edit Data

Editing data in an Access table is a relatively simple task. Just click the cell containing the data you wish to change. Delete or type over the old information and enter new data as required. As you do so you will notice a pencil symbol appear on the far left of the table on the row you are editing. This indicates that you are in the process of editing a record and the changes have yet to be saved to the database table. This symbol will remain while you update any other field in the same row. Once you move out of the row, the changes will be saved automatically and the pencil will disappear. The thing to remember is that when you edit data in a field, the whole record will be saved once you have finished.

editing access database table

A table record in the process of being edited. Notice the pencil symbol on the left of the table. The cell being edited is highlighted in orange. Once the new data has been entered and the row is moved out of, this record will be saved.

Next we shall take a look at the Access Filter